Eighteen days until my vacation! Joe and I are going to Maryland/Virginia for a week and a half! He's going to meet most of my family, we're going to eat insane amounts of crab, I'm going to run around DC, I CAN'T WAIT.

I love Austin, but I lived my entire life as a nomad so I just desperately need to get out of this city, get out of Texas and see something different for a bit.

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22. Saw 2
23. Saw 3
24. Amusement
25. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
26. Saw 4
27. The Orphanage
28. The Abandoned
29. Saw 6
30. The Vanishing
31. Session 9

What I learned this year:

Shocking me is pretty hard.

The Saw movies are surprisingly clever and not just torture porn.

I took a bit too much joy in watching the health insurance scumbag get gutted in Saw 6. I WITHOUT HESITATION would have killed that guy and I would have slept just fine that night. Everyone who ruins people's lives via the health care industry should be forced to watch that and wonder.

People were very easy to scare in the 80s. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer was touted as the scariest thing ever on the internet. Not so. Not even slightly. Or maybe I'm just twisted.

Nothing on this planet is better than Nazi zombies.

My costume last night )
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8. The Fog
9. Hunger
10. Neighbor
11. Shelter
12. Cape Fear
13. Cry_Wolf
14. The Hole
15. Suspiria
16. The Devil's Rejects
17. Open House
18. A Serbian Film
19. Dead Snow
20. Slither
21. Jennifer's Body

About this batch - Dead Snow was freaking AWESOME. Nazi zombies. NAZI ZOMBIES GUYS. Devil's Rejects was also really good. I loved the whole 70s low budget look of it. A Serbian Film failed to shock me. Not sure what that says about me.

Best Saturday night ever!!!! )
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So I'm doing it again! My love of all things Halloween has not faded or lessened, so I'm doing my OCTOBER ORGY OF VIOLENCE COUNTDOWN yet again. For those who don't remember, this means I will watch 31 horror movies that I've never seen before in the month of October. Rewatches of old favorites are allowed, but they don't count towards the final tally. Mmmmmm carnage. So far this month I have watched:

1. The Last Exorcism
2. Frozen
3. Mum & Dad
4. Oldboy
5. Splice
6. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010
7. The Bad Seed

I have a queue of others that I've downloaded in the past few months, but I'm always open to suggestions!

Opinions on this batch: Katie Cassidy is my tv AND cinematic girlfriend. Korean movies are less fucked up than Japanese. Eli Roth needs to stick with his strengths and not veer away from torture porn.


Nov. 1st, 2009 09:57 pm
So Thursday night was the Kane show, and now I actually have time to post a recap. The show was INCREDIBLE. Front row because I rock at general admission and have no qualms about shoving bitches who try to steal my spot. I went with Tamara and Zeke, and before the place even started to fill up I told Zeke that I would bet money that the show would be more than 90% women. I was so right. Other than the band, there were less than ten guys there. I wonder how many of them were from LJ?

Chris was just beyond sexy. Seriously guys. I may have stopped breathing when he came out on stage. WHY IS HE SO ATTRACTIVE?

The setlist was awesome and included a lot of my favorites - The House Rules, A Different Kind of Night, Let Me Go, Spirit Boy, and Middle American Saturday Night among others. I was hoping for Whiskey in Mind, All I Did Was Love Her, and The Chase too, but the show was so perfect that I had no complaints.

The guys were all fabulous and their onstage banter was hilarious, especially the fact that they were passing around a HUGE bottle of Jack on stage.

After the show, the whole band hung around for meet and greets. I got the entire band to sign this picture card of Chris (gotta get a frame for that!). Even better, I GOT TO HUG CHRISTIAN KANE. He actually apologized to me for being sweaty. Heh that kind of made it better for me.

I also met a COMPLETELY hammered Steve Carlson and he proceeded to grab my ass when I got a picture with him. The pic didn't really come out but it was all worth it for the gropage.

This way to the sexy! )
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So Austin has two huge haunted houses - the Mansion of Terror and the House of Torment. Mansion of Terror is the scarier of the two according to various sources so Duia, Tamara, and I hit that place up tonight.

Also, latest movies on my OCTOBER ORGY OF VIOLENCE are:

11. The Hills Have Eyes
12. Orphan
13. Halloween
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So it's no shock to anyone who has known me for more than like an hour that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween. Pumpkins, horror movies, haunted houses...I am absolutely obsessed with the whole works. I've been watching at least one horror movie a day because this is Nas' OCTOBER ORGY OF VIOLENCE. Thus far I have enjoyed the cinematic wonderland of:

1. Hostel
2. Hostel 2
3. Saw
4. The Stepfather
5. Zombieland
6. Wolf Creek
7. The Descent
8. Turistas
9. The Ruins
10. Deep in the Woods.

My goal is to watch at least 31 horror movies in the month of October. I started a bit late so I'm a tiny bit behind, but I have faith in my ability to enjoy a carnage soaked October.

I've also been decorating the hell out of the house today, but I've only just started. Oh Halloween, I wish you were 365 days a year. Of course, if you live with me, it kind of is. ;-)


Oct. 8th, 2009 12:56 am
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The coolest thing EVER just happened to me. I was driving home from picking up Duia and Jenny. We were just about to pull into our road, literally five feet from our driveway, and there was this big grey thing in the middle of the road. There are tons of stray cats in town, so that's what I thought it was until I got closer. Since it was blocking the road I had to stop the car and wait for it to move. Instead of running off, it turned its head and looked at me. Definitely not a cat.

It was an owl.

Now everyone on here who knows me from real life knows I have a huge thing for owls. This pre-dates Harry Potter. It probably stems from when I read Owl Moon as a kid. Anyway, I LOVE owls. I have shirts, jewelry, toys...I have an owl clock hanging on my wall right now. The ringtone on my phone is even an owl hooting.

So having an actual owl staring at me from a few feet away was pretty amazing. I'm not exactly sure what the specific omens mean when and owl crosses your path, but considering that I've been fascinated with them since I was a kid, I'm saying it's a good omen.

As far as I'm concerned that owl was there to drop good fortune off at our house. And maybe a few Hogwarts letters.
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So I've been back from Boston for two weeks which has been spent on countless job interviews for bullshit jobs and really hating the weather.

Boston was amazing. The weather was cool and fantastic. The city was beautiful. Scituate was a lovely little town. Seeing Aaron, Scott, and Woody rocked. Dave never managed to make it down to Boston, but I forgive him for it because he's awesome. I never ever wanted to leave.

And now onto the pictures!

LOTS of pictures behind this cut )
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BujinkinOi: I drank cosmos tonight.
BujinkinOi: Two thoughs about cosmos.
BujinkinOi: 1.) They're really strong.
BujinkinOi: 2.) Now I understand why chicks turn into total whores when they drink them, because I wanted to blow a dude after two or three.
Architects Eyes: Dave. Promise me you will never become a good person. I couldn't take it.
So I'm a bit late updating, but for the night of my birthday my two lovelies, [livejournal.com profile] duia and [livejournal.com profile] lolscubadiver had a surprise picnic for me in the little gazebo in the park in town. It was super sweet and we sat on blankets wearing cute dresses and drinking lemonade. I love them both times 100000000.

Best picnic EVER )
So for the past two weeks I've been babysitting the four year old son of my neighbor Cary. First of all, Cary is freaking awesome. She's supernice, has tons of amazing tattoos, and pretty much just rules at life. Her little boy, Clay, is also an awesome little dude. Now I am not usually a fan of children. Most children are demonic little howler monkeys that make me long for a tazer. Clay is super mellow, eats healthy food without a fight, and is just a generally cool human. He's also super adorable. His birthday's in a few weeks and there are talks of a bouncy house and a pina colada machine for the adults. I am psyched!

Had an interview at another stationary store today. It's only two days a week, but I'm going to take it if I get offered it because I need SOMETHING. I think the interview went well, and at least the owner of this store didn't think that you need a graphic design degree to fill out an order form.

Also made cookies with anise and beer. They are delicious and will be added to the list of stuff for the bakery.
You know what never fails to make me laugh? Dave's HILARIOUS drunken calls. Even better, he insisted I put him on speaker so he could talk to Duia and Alex. I'm glad to know that the rain in Manchester is horseshit. He said if he died he wanted "that Canadian to pontificate at his funeral." He also said he was going to ride a camel to Austin and then take me and Duia to Jared for rings, and then polygamy time! Never ever change Dave. You are in my top ten favorite people.
From Overheard in NYC

Girl #1: I have a dirty, pathetic crush on Octavian. But really only when he's Octavian. Caesar Augustus, not as much.
Girl #2: I can definitely see that. He was pretty cute. And he was the emperor.
Girl #1: If I'd been around, I would have knifed that Livia bitch and totally tapped that ass. (pause) That imperial ass.

--Columbia University

Overheard by: I'll be your emperor
So last night I dreamed that I was sitting in a diner with [livejournal.com profile] duia, Britt, and the Ninth Doctor, my beloved Christopher Eccleston. The conversation went like this -

Britt: "And who's this?"
Me: "This is The Doctor."
Britt: "Doctor Who?"
Duia and Me: ::Die of hilarity::

(PS - Christopher Eccleston is hot. I love him. Kthx.)

And now I'm off to drive to Maryland. OMG NERVOUS.
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So every weekend I make a pie and then I bring pieces in for my favorite coworkers. I just liking making the pies, and if I ate the whole thing I'd weigh 200 pounds, so I share. Everyone loves them and for a brief moment the world is happy and filled with pie.

Yesterday, I went out into the hallway to talk to Laura on the phone. (I mean, slacking on company time is wrong! I swear!) When I get back there's this giant flowered gift bag sitting on my chair. I'm beyond shocked, and I see there's a card addressed to "The Pie Lady" from "Her Pie Pals." Scott, Janet, Melissa, Erika, Lee and Indre all chipped in to get me a gift certificate from this awesome Etsy seller, perdoozy who makes these ADORABLE retro aprons. (What I like to be cute when I bake!) I already have this one, and as soon as I got home last night I ordered this one because DUDE IT HAS LITTLE PURPLE CARS AND PINK AIRPLANES ON IT.

In conclusion, I love my friends. This was completely unexpected, especially since my birthday isn't for 12 more days and I am highly unperceptive. It was just beyond sweet, and I was totally grinning like a fool for the rest of the day. I also promised to model it for them once it arrives. There will be twirling.

By the way, this weekend's pie is pineapple coconut with Grand Marnier. Oh yes it will rule!

Tomorrow it's off to see The Dark Knight for the second time with my darling Aaron. Cannot wait!



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