Nov. 1st, 2009 09:57 pm
So Thursday night was the Kane show, and now I actually have time to post a recap. The show was INCREDIBLE. Front row because I rock at general admission and have no qualms about shoving bitches who try to steal my spot. I went with Tamara and Zeke, and before the place even started to fill up I told Zeke that I would bet money that the show would be more than 90% women. I was so right. Other than the band, there were less than ten guys there. I wonder how many of them were from LJ?

Chris was just beyond sexy. Seriously guys. I may have stopped breathing when he came out on stage. WHY IS HE SO ATTRACTIVE?

The setlist was awesome and included a lot of my favorites - The House Rules, A Different Kind of Night, Let Me Go, Spirit Boy, and Middle American Saturday Night among others. I was hoping for Whiskey in Mind, All I Did Was Love Her, and The Chase too, but the show was so perfect that I had no complaints.

The guys were all fabulous and their onstage banter was hilarious, especially the fact that they were passing around a HUGE bottle of Jack on stage.

After the show, the whole band hung around for meet and greets. I got the entire band to sign this picture card of Chris (gotta get a frame for that!). Even better, I GOT TO HUG CHRISTIAN KANE. He actually apologized to me for being sweaty. Heh that kind of made it better for me.

I also met a COMPLETELY hammered Steve Carlson and he proceeded to grab my ass when I got a picture with him. The pic didn't really come out but it was all worth it for the gropage.

This way to the sexy! )



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