As a general rule, I'm not a hugely sentimental person. With the exception of a few things, I don't generally save stuff "just because." I don't like clutter, and my rule is - if the only time you look at something is when you're wondering if you should get rid of it, GET RID OF IT.

Books have been the one thing that I've sort of ended up hoarding because you get nothing if you sell them at a used bookstore and throwing a book away is just WRONG. Then [ profile] duia told me of this wonderful thing known as Bookmooch. There's something just wonderful about listing all these books that are just sitting unloved on my shelf and having people say "OMG I WANT THAT!" Books are so special that I love knowing that they're going to someone who will read and appreciate them. (Plus the whole getting new books to read in exchange thing is pretty sweet too!)

So Bookmooch is joy. If you aren't a member, seriously join. I'm "sacrilicious" over there too, and it's kind of hilarious how psyched I get when someone mooches one of my books. I hope my books are enjoying their new lives in Australia, California, Texas, and everyplace else I've sent them!



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