Nov. 1st, 2009 09:57 pm
So Thursday night was the Kane show, and now I actually have time to post a recap. The show was INCREDIBLE. Front row because I rock at general admission and have no qualms about shoving bitches who try to steal my spot. I went with Tamara and Zeke, and before the place even started to fill up I told Zeke that I would bet money that the show would be more than 90% women. I was so right. Other than the band, there were less than ten guys there. I wonder how many of them were from LJ?

Chris was just beyond sexy. Seriously guys. I may have stopped breathing when he came out on stage. WHY IS HE SO ATTRACTIVE?

The setlist was awesome and included a lot of my favorites - The House Rules, A Different Kind of Night, Let Me Go, Spirit Boy, and Middle American Saturday Night among others. I was hoping for Whiskey in Mind, All I Did Was Love Her, and The Chase too, but the show was so perfect that I had no complaints.

The guys were all fabulous and their onstage banter was hilarious, especially the fact that they were passing around a HUGE bottle of Jack on stage.

After the show, the whole band hung around for meet and greets. I got the entire band to sign this picture card of Chris (gotta get a frame for that!). Even better, I GOT TO HUG CHRISTIAN KANE. He actually apologized to me for being sweaty. Heh that kind of made it better for me.

I also met a COMPLETELY hammered Steve Carlson and he proceeded to grab my ass when I got a picture with him. The pic didn't really come out but it was all worth it for the gropage.

This way to the sexy! )
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BujinkinOi: I drank cosmos tonight.
BujinkinOi: Two thoughs about cosmos.
BujinkinOi: 1.) They're really strong.
BujinkinOi: 2.) Now I understand why chicks turn into total whores when they drink them, because I wanted to blow a dude after two or three.
Architects Eyes: Dave. Promise me you will never become a good person. I couldn't take it.


Aug. 22nd, 2009 12:52 pm
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Holy crap guys, Boston is SO SOON. We're leaving at like 6:30 am on Tuesday! I am SO EXCITED OMG.

I'm a bit nervous because I have never flown before. I know planes are safe blah blah blah, am just nervous about losing plane virginity. Seeing Woody and Aaron is confirmed for sure. Hanging with Dave is not 100% confirmed yet, but he NEEDS to meet Duia. Especially after he said he'd ride down to Texas on a camel to hang out with us.

Need to call wonderful Scott from William Arthur and see if he can come down and hang with us too. I cannot believe I'm going to be back in Boston!

I am going to eat so much Dunkin Donuts you have NO IDEA. Don't judge me. I need my Dunkin!
So I'm a bit late updating, but for the night of my birthday my two lovelies, [livejournal.com profile] duia and [livejournal.com profile] lolscubadiver had a surprise picnic for me in the little gazebo in the park in town. It was super sweet and we sat on blankets wearing cute dresses and drinking lemonade. I love them both times 100000000.

Best picnic EVER )
It's been a busy couple of weeks. I spent a good chunk of last week in Houston. I met even more of Duia's extended family and spent some quality time chilling by the pool. I am more tan than I have ever been in my life. That's a little sad because I'm still pale compared Duia lol.

On Monday, [livejournal.com profile] blackwayfarers got here. We've been introducing Mr. Canada to the wonders of Sonic, IHOP, and Whataburger while trying to keep him from combusting in the neverending heat. We went to see Harry Potter again yesterday at the Alamo Drafthouse. A movie theater that serves delicious food really is the best idea ever. They had Butterbeer (which is apparently apple cider and butterscotch), and it was DELICIOUS!

On the job scene, that stationary store I applied at is run by RETARDED BITCHASSES. After stringing me along for almost a month with multiple interviews and saying many many times how great they thought I'd be for the job, they sent me an email saying that they were going to put an ad in the paper to try and get someone with a graphics design degree. YOU DON'T NEED A FUCKING GRAPHICS DEGREE TO DO INVITATION MOCKUPS IN THE SHITTY PROGRAM THEY USED IN HOUSE. Also, considering that William Arthur thought I was good enough to do the ACTUAL layouts of the products their customers would be receiving, they should realize that I can handle doing a half-assed mockup which is ALL they do in the stores. I am just so pissed off about this. I mean, Jesus fucking Christ someone with a graphic design degree is not going to work in a store for a job with no benefits. I hope they can't find anyone.

I do have a pseudo job now. The lady who lives in the house next door is HELLA cool. She's a bartender with all these awesome tattoos, and she's just utterly fabulous. A total bro. She has a son who's almost five, and she needed someone to watch him two nights a week. It's only $25 a night, but he's only going to be awake for like an hour after I get there and the rest of the night will involve me watching tv, playing on the internet, and petting her adorable bunny. I'm supposed to start next week. I'm nervous just because I have NEVER been around kids, but he's seriously the chillest kid ever, so I'm not THAT worried. Also, she said the bar she works at is hiring servers, so if none of the dozen other jobs I applied for pan out, I have an option that doesn't involve pole dancing.
You know what never fails to make me laugh? Dave's HILARIOUS drunken calls. Even better, he insisted I put him on speaker so he could talk to Duia and Alex. I'm glad to know that the rain in Manchester is horseshit. He said if he died he wanted "that Canadian to pontificate at his funeral." He also said he was going to ride a camel to Austin and then take me and Duia to Jared for rings, and then polygamy time! Never ever change Dave. You are in my top ten favorite people.
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So [livejournal.com profile] duia is the mistress of eyeliner and tonight she LEARNED ME GOOD. )
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So Duia cooked a delicious dinner and then we drank mint juleps on the porch like classy bitches.

PS - Bourbon is much tastier than I expected!



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