Song Title/Vid Title: The Cure
Fandom: Supernatural
Vidder: [ profile] sacrilicious
Artist: Sage Francis
Summary: Life is just a lie with an "f" in it and death is definite.
Characters: Castiel/Dean, Sam/Ruby, Lilith
Author's Notes: This song has been eating my brain ever since I heard it back in the beginning of season three.
Spoilers: Contains clips through "The Rapture."

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Sunday was pretty much made of win. Kyle loved Maine. It was pretty hilarifying because he was just entranced by the trees and the quint New Englandness of everyplace. I see it every day, so I'm used to it, but for him the trees were all shiny and new.

We went to the beach, saw 30 Days of Night (you're right Mari, it was pretty awesome), and ate the greatest pizza ever. Then came the time to meet my Mom. As I knew she would, my Mom just adored him. She pretty much told me that she thinks he's the cutest thing ever. YES!

Also, when I was showing him my bedroom Kyle actually said, "You know what I kind of want to do? I want to see an episode of Supernatural."

Seriously. I didn't have to coerce in any way.

So I showed him the Pilot and he actually thought it was awesome! (I mean really, how could he not?) ::Dance of joy::

It was a fabulous day all around, and now I'm counting the days until Saturday because I get to spend the whole weekend with him at the crazy New Jersey Halloween Extravaganza!

PS - Thank you times a million to Magz for giving me hosting space for my vids. Just need to finish reuploading the rest of them, and they won't be homeless anymore!
So the girl who gave me and a bunch of other people server space to host our vids seems to have vanished off the face of the planet and taken her server with her.

My vids are all homeless. Does anyone know where I could get really cheap server space? (Or does anyone have a chunk that they aren't using? I can pay in shiny shiny viddage!)



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