Joe and I bought a Christmas tree this weekend and did some lovely decorating. I love the holidays.

Click here to see my happy tree with my pretty twinkle lights. )

This will be our second Christmas together.

Six days ago it was the three year anniversary of my Mom dying and with work and all the holiday insanity, the day slipped by without me even realizing. I feel like a terrible daughter, but part of me thinks that she would be glad by this. I was hanging decorations last night and unpacking ornaments we bought when I was little and that we spent years hanging on the tree together, and I was thinking about that and not the December three years ago when I watched her slip away.

I think she'd smile at that.
Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas. I spent the day with Joe and his family. His whole Mom's side is up in Minnesota, but his dad's side is down in Texas. Joe's grandma is hilarious. That lady has a dirtier mind than me! There was lots of food and everyone was great.

Joe's going to be moving in with me in the middle of next month. I'm still a bit bummed out that the girls are going to be all the way in Austin and not just down the hall, but I'm also really excited about Joe moving in. This is SERIOUS. I've never been in a relationship that even came remotely close to being this serious. I never even got anywhere near discussing moving in with any other guy I've ever dated.

Joe's grandma actually asked me if this was "building towards something." I told her that I hoped so! She said she thought I was good for him, and that I fit in with the family and there were many hugs all around. (She was also very pleased when I told her that there would be no children on the horizon ever ever EVER. She told me I was a smart girl for not wanting any.)

It's just so crazy. A year ago, I was just starting at Rainsoft, just meeting Joe, living in a shithole, and very unsure of everything. A year later, I've been with Joe for over eight months, I work at Apple, I live in a beautiful house, and while I'm not 100% sure of what the future holds, I'm hopeful.

Joe's sitting next to me in my happy orange bedroom, Buttercup (who thinks her name is Kitten) is sleeping at our feet and being adorable. I have this wonderful man in my life who loves me, who I'm building a life with. We've got the house and the cat. Sometime in 2011, a puppy will be joining us. After that, who knows? He talks about plans for next Christmas, for vacations we'll take in the non-specific future, for improvements he wants to make to the house. Me, I just have a secret folder of bookmarks on my computer labeled "Someday...."

My Christmas was good, and I hope it was the first of many like it.
Went to Boston over the weekend to spend time with Kyle and, despite the crappiest weather EVER (so much sleet omg!) it was a fabulous weekend. We had our own little Christmas because he'll be enjoying sunny California on the real Christmas.

Ohhh presents! )

Also, I'm back to eight hours a day! How sad is it that eight hours is going to feel like a vacation? I actually survived the 63 hour week from hell!
Yay for festive holiday cards! I just realized that I am lame and forgot to post when I got everyone's cards!

My first card was from [ profile] angelnetgirl and is all kinds of cute. I'm kind of five so I really did squeal at the glittery little teddy bear on it.

[ profile] torificus sent me a card talking about the true meanings of Christmas - shotguns, incest, and gay buttsex. Good thing I'm going to have lots of company in hell. AND today I got a crazy postcard from Tori in Taiwan. That was much less cesty to avoid breaking international laws.

Got the sexiest card ever from [ profile] verav (Is there anything that has more holiday spirit than Jensen in a Santa hat? I think not!).

[ profile] deadflowerss brought SPARKLES and snow covered trees, which is probably the closest thing to real snow I'm going to get this year.

I am still LOLing at [ profile] deevious4's card and the accidental Jesusy card. That's going to keep being funny for a LOOOOONG time.

[ profile] marishna sent me penguins! Adorable, glittery penguins! The cute is mesmerizing.

Am now convinced that [ profile] avioletmermaid has magical Christmas ESP because Eeyore was always my absolute favorite from Winnie the Pooh.

I am surrounded by sparkly Christmas cuteness. Life is good.



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