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I've totally been spending the past few weeks reading utterly massive amounts of Dean/Castiel fic. I forgot how much I love this ship. SO SO MUCH. I literally read strangenessandcharm's entire catalogue. Need more. I'VE MISSED YOU FANDOM.
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Dean Winchester's got 99 problems...

But a bitch ain't one. )
Dear [ profile] coppertone,

I made a delicious just so that I could rec you the best of the best in hot hunter on angel action.

Mmmmmm tastes like blasphemy
Guys seriously, Misha Collins' twitter page is KILLING me. He's ridiculous and I love him like a fat kid loves cake. He has been babbling about ponies all day. WHY IS THIS MAN SO FUCKING SEXY WITH HIS HILARITY AND HIS DAMN FACE?

Plus he totally saw the Castiel cake that [ profile] potthead made. HE LURKS ON LJ IT HAS BEEN PROVEN BY TWITTER.



I really need an icon of him that just says "Misha Fucking Collins."
Song Title/Vid Title: The Cure
Fandom: Supernatural
Vidder: [ profile] sacrilicious
Artist: Sage Francis
Summary: Life is just a lie with an "f" in it and death is definite.
Characters: Castiel/Dean, Sam/Ruby, Lilith
Author's Notes: This song has been eating my brain ever since I heard it back in the beginning of season three.
Spoilers: Contains clips through "The Rapture."

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Low Res - 7.5 MB

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Song Title/Vid Title: godeatgod
Fandom: Supernatural
Vidder: [ profile] sacrilicious
Artist: Marilyn Manson
Summary: "I'm not a hammer, as you say. I have questions. I have doubts. I don't know what is right and what is wrong anymore..."
Characters: Castiel/Dean
Warnings: Angel!slash set to a Marilyn Manson song. Ah sweet blasphemy.
Author's Notes: My first vid in over a year due to the madness that has been my life. I've jumped on the Dean/Castiel bandwagon hardcore. This is my manifesto to this beautiful ship.
Spoilers: Contains clips through "On the Head of a Pin."

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I've decided that my journal needs more hot angels, so I did a bit of redecorating to further illustrate my shiny new obsession. The header was made by the talented [ profile] polaroidburn. Misha was obviously made by the hand of GOD because how is it legal for a man to be that pretty?

Anyway, here's my new LJ, now with 100% more blasphemy!
The car people called today and said that I should have my baby back on Monday! They actually said she was all painted and put back together and everything was perfect except they were still waiting for a new hood latch! I can't wait for it to be Monday!

SPN 4x15 Death Takes A Holiday )

Tomorrow I'm heading out to the uncle's which means my cousin will be geeking out over anime to me. But this time I have a plan to deflect the awful awful anime talk. I'm bringing along my Dr. Horrible dvds! Hopefully Captain Hammer will be distracting enough.
Like everyone else, I'm shocked and saddened to hear about Kim. I hadn't even heard that he was sick. My heart really goes out to his friends and family because I know what they're going through. He was so incredibly talented, and everyone seemed to love him. We'll miss you Kim.
So Mum had the most entertaining dream last night.

The doorbell rang and Sam and Dean were at the door. Dean told my Mom that she looked like hell because he is, after all, Dean. She said, "Yeah pretty much." Sam said he and Dean had been reading my LJ and wanted to give me a job and help Mum out. I think Dean also wanted Mum to make him pie.

The Winchesters drove us to Canada where Mum got to check into a nice Canadian hospital and then I got to be an assistant demon hunter. Even better, [ profile] duia was waiting in Canada and she was also coming along to be a hunter too.

Mum says this is what happens when you watch Supernatural before bed. I want a Winchester dream too!



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