It's been a week since Steve died. Everyone at Apple misses him, even if we never met him. I took some time to write my own little tribute to the email set up on the main page. Just wanted to share it.

I got my first Mac when I was 17. It was a grape iMac, and after using it for 15 minutes, I was saying to anyone who would listen that I would never voluntarily use a PC again. It's been 12 years, and I kept that promise.

Steve made products that weren't just things to people. Everything he created became an extension of you and your identity. Half the people I know with Apple products, myself included, even give them names!

I spent last night on the internet, reading testimonials from thousands of people across the world, from the President to celebrities to your average teenager with an iPhone and a twitter account. It's not that often when the head of a company passes away and you get a huge outpouring of grief across the world.

Even though I never met him, Steve changed my life long before I became an Apple employee. When I was typing away on that grape iMac, I never dared to dream that I might be able to work for Apple one day. Now I'm living the dream, and it's all because you built machines that catered to the dreamers.

Thank you Steve. Thank you for everything you've done. We're all going to miss you.



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