I think Anya from Buffy is best able to sum up today. (Let's just ignore how things ended up for Anya.)

‎"What's the point of loving, I mean exept for the sweaty part?
what's the point of losing your heart?
Maybe if your lucky, being a pair makes you twice as tall.
Maybe you're not losing at all.

No need to cover up my heart, plus see above re: sweaty part.
So maybe love is pretty smart then so am I
I found my guy. . ."

Today was our two year anniversary. TWO YEARS. I still can't believe that I've been in a functional, HAPPY relationship for two years.

And he got me a bug zapper. Joe knows that I have a deep love of senseless violence and things that glow.
I am SUCH a homebody.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a night on the town as much as the next girl, but nothing will ever compare to a relaxing night on the couch with Joe beside me, the kitties on my lap and River stealing my seat if I get up.

I love my house, I love my Joe, and I love my fuzzy babies, so I guess it makes sense that the time I enjoy the most is with them.

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You know you are loved when someone builds you a garden and fills it with flowers.

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One year

Jan. 19th, 2012 11:28 pm
It's been one year today since Joe moved in, and we're still blissfully happy. He's relaxing on the couch watching Stargate. River's galloping around the house and Kitten's napping on the dining room table. I love our life together.
Hope everyone had a fantastic New Year! I spent NYE at my very favorite bar in Austin, The Highball. I love that place so much! It's basically a very classy looking 60s bar. You could see Don Draper sitting in a corner with a cigarette and a Sidecar.

We had reservations for bottle service ad bowling. Everyone should bowl in formalwear. It's lovely.

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Joe and I bought a Christmas tree this weekend and did some lovely decorating. I love the holidays.

Click here to see my happy tree with my pretty twinkle lights. )

This will be our second Christmas together.

Six days ago it was the three year anniversary of my Mom dying and with work and all the holiday insanity, the day slipped by without me even realizing. I feel like a terrible daughter, but part of me thinks that she would be glad by this. I was hanging decorations last night and unpacking ornaments we bought when I was little and that we spent years hanging on the tree together, and I was thinking about that and not the December three years ago when I watched her slip away.

I think she'd smile at that.
Fall is here. I don't care if it's still 90 degrees in Texas. Fall is here and I am breaking out my Halloween decorations this weekend. This is my favorite time of year for a lot of reasons. I've always loved holidays. I love the food, the tv specials,the decorations, all of it, and I get close to four months of holiday awesomeness.

This time of year makes me miss my Mom even more. She taught me to love Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Holidays were low key and relaxed but always lots of fun. I miss them.

I keep going back to the memory of our condo in Kennebunk. It was at the end of a dirt road that was maybe a quarter mile long. Our mailbox was at the other end, and I always used to walk down to get the mail. The leaves would crunch underfoot and you could feel the bite in the air that told you winter was coming. And there were crows. I miss crows so much. They're everywhere in New England, and they just don't exist in Texas.

This time last year, I was unemployed and broke. Now I have a great job with a company that has more money than the US government. I have a house and a cat and a puppy and a man I love beyond the telling of it, but sometimes I just ache for the days of walking down that dirt road, smelling pine trees and wet leaves and hearing the crows.
Life is good. We're painting the hallway finally, which makes me buckets of happy. Having this vast white space between all my happy colored rooms drove me crazy.

River is still insane and bitey. I will be very pleased when she stops this.

Joe bought me an incredible red Kitchenaid mixer for my birthday on the 13th. I love it so much! I've wanted one of these things forever. Such a perfect man!
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The past month has just been crazy! I finally got hired on to Apple as a full employee! No more temp crap, and I get benefits! Even better, no more phones. My new job is "Chat Sales." It's the first step on my path to my ultimate goal of no customer interaction whatsoever.

The weather is heating up in Texas. The garden is producing some pretty amazing amounts of veggies! Check out this week's harvest!


One year!

Apr. 17th, 2011 08:13 pm
I've gone far
And I almost didn't find you
And I almost lived without you
There is nothing in this world
I'd rather do
Than live in you

Today is the one year anniversary of the night where I sang karaoke with the Rainsoft crew and started my journey with the love of my life.

Today has just been a low key day around the house. Last night we went to Hacylon downtown and people watched for awhile. Then a fantastic dinner at Pappadeaux's involving oysters on the half shell, fried gator, and filet mignon topped with crab. Probably the best food I've ever eaten.

Joe gave me a beautiful charm bracelet. He picked out every single charm on it, and I love them all which just shows how well he knows me. He told me the lady at the jewelry store tried to talk him out of the little bee charms, but he told her that he knew I would think they were "the cutest thing in the world." And I did. No pics right now because the smallest chain they had was way too small for my skinny wrists and we had to send it off to have the jeweler resize it, but when I get it back next weekend I'll post. I love it so much.

People say that the honeymoon, can't get enough of you, love everything about you phase fades. It's been a year, and I still smile every time I look at him. One year later, and he still makes my heart pound.

Here's to lots more happy years!


Mar. 15th, 2011 11:38 pm
Joe is so not a morning person. Since he works from 4pm-1am, I leave for work before he gets up. He usually wakes up just enough to tell me to have a good day at work before I go. This morning though, he was even less awake than usual so he squinted at me and said, "Goodnight."

I found it pretty adorable.
I swear one of these days I'm going to get better at updating more often. For reals.

Joe's been living with me for almost a month, and I just can't get over how wonderful it is having it be just the two of us (and Kitten). He's halfway through his Apple training, and he's totally assimilated. He said "There's an app for that" earlier today. Love it.

Everything is just so relaxed with us. I get home around 9:30 because I'm working a M-Th 10 hour shift schedule (which I LOVE). I come in the door and yell, "Honey, I'm home!" because I'm a dork like that. We cook dinner, we play with that cat, we watch movies. I'm such a homebody.

We're making plans about planting a vegetable garden in the backyard in the spring. We're thinking pepper, tomatos, onions, basil, maybe some corn. I want to get a composter with worms and stuff.

Everything is quiet and domestic and I just love it. And I love him. My dad and my grandma always ask me how Joe is when I talk to them. All I can ever say is "Still perfect."
Three days into 2011 and it's been good so far.

2010 was a pretty incredible year for me. At the tail end of 2009, I started working at Rainsoft and that really kicked into high gear in 2010. Rainsoft ended up not being a career for me, but I will always be so utterly grateful that I answered that ad on craigslist because Rainsoft was where I met the love of my life, Joe.

2010 was the year of firsts with Joe. He has been a huge part of what made that year so great. I went from never having been in a relationship that hit the 6 month mark, to a FUTURE. In less than two weeks, we'll be living together and the thing that continues to surprise me is how NOT nervous I am about it. I know my entries from the last 8 and a half months have been filled with this, but I still look at him and wonder how I got so lucky. 2010 was the year I let my guard down, took a chance, and met the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

2010 was the year I bought a house. We painted the walls bright colors and arranged the furniture. We cooked meals in the kitchen, decorated the Christmas tree, and laughed. We made it a home, and we loved it.

2010 was the year I started working at Apple. I have a job that has actual career potential in a fantastic company, and hopefully in the next few weeks Joe will be starting there as well.

2010 was the year I got a cat. I've never been a cat person, but Joe found our little furry ball of crazy on craigslist, and we both just adore her. She makes us laugh, and she keeps me company when I'm alone. I want to do everything I can to give her the most wonderful life possible. (Butterfup isn't working for a name though. She's waaaaaay too demanding.)

2010 was the year I built a home and a family. Here's hoping 2011 is even better.
Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas. I spent the day with Joe and his family. His whole Mom's side is up in Minnesota, but his dad's side is down in Texas. Joe's grandma is hilarious. That lady has a dirtier mind than me! There was lots of food and everyone was great.

Joe's going to be moving in with me in the middle of next month. I'm still a bit bummed out that the girls are going to be all the way in Austin and not just down the hall, but I'm also really excited about Joe moving in. This is SERIOUS. I've never been in a relationship that even came remotely close to being this serious. I never even got anywhere near discussing moving in with any other guy I've ever dated.

Joe's grandma actually asked me if this was "building towards something." I told her that I hoped so! She said she thought I was good for him, and that I fit in with the family and there were many hugs all around. (She was also very pleased when I told her that there would be no children on the horizon ever ever EVER. She told me I was a smart girl for not wanting any.)

It's just so crazy. A year ago, I was just starting at Rainsoft, just meeting Joe, living in a shithole, and very unsure of everything. A year later, I've been with Joe for over eight months, I work at Apple, I live in a beautiful house, and while I'm not 100% sure of what the future holds, I'm hopeful.

Joe's sitting next to me in my happy orange bedroom, Buttercup (who thinks her name is Kitten) is sleeping at our feet and being adorable. I have this wonderful man in my life who loves me, who I'm building a life with. We've got the house and the cat. Sometime in 2011, a puppy will be joining us. After that, who knows? He talks about plans for next Christmas, for vacations we'll take in the non-specific future, for improvements he wants to make to the house. Me, I just have a secret folder of bookmarks on my computer labeled "Someday...."

My Christmas was good, and I hope it was the first of many like it.
Two years today.

Two years since I slept beside my Mom's hospital bed while she slipped away from me. Two years since the course of my life changed so much that the old me wouldn't even recognize the person I am now.

Today, I woke up in the bed my Mom refinished when she was in high school, inside the house I own. I drove to work with the man I love sitting next to me. I worked a long day at Apple. I came home and took a bubble bath in my purple bathroom. I watched "Waitress," and I thought of her.

Joe and I got a Christmas tree on Sunday. We're going to decorate it tomorrow after work. Every day is another first with him - first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, it's all new. Almost eight months in and it's the best of both worlds - we're completely comfortable around each other but I still marvel over what we have a hundred times a day.

It makes my heart ache that my Mom will never meet him and that he will never meet her. They would have gotten along, I think. They have the same no bullshit attitude, the same confidence. I can imagine us all in the kitchen cooking something fantastic in my beautiful house. It can't ever happen, of course, but I can still dream.

This time of year is hard, not that I miss her less any other time. May is her birthday and Mother's Day in quick succession. August is my birthday. Every month has memories, but Halloween through Christmas had the most. Tomorrow I will unpack our Christmas ornaments for the first time without her. I will hang them on a tree in Texas with a boy from Minnesota.

And I will miss her.
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22. Saw 2
23. Saw 3
24. Amusement
25. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
26. Saw 4
27. The Orphanage
28. The Abandoned
29. Saw 6
30. The Vanishing
31. Session 9

What I learned this year:

Shocking me is pretty hard.

The Saw movies are surprisingly clever and not just torture porn.

I took a bit too much joy in watching the health insurance scumbag get gutted in Saw 6. I WITHOUT HESITATION would have killed that guy and I would have slept just fine that night. Everyone who ruins people's lives via the health care industry should be forced to watch that and wonder.

People were very easy to scare in the 80s. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer was touted as the scariest thing ever on the internet. Not so. Not even slightly. Or maybe I'm just twisted.

Nothing on this planet is better than Nazi zombies.

My costume last night )
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8. The Fog
9. Hunger
10. Neighbor
11. Shelter
12. Cape Fear
13. Cry_Wolf
14. The Hole
15. Suspiria
16. The Devil's Rejects
17. Open House
18. A Serbian Film
19. Dead Snow
20. Slither
21. Jennifer's Body

About this batch - Dead Snow was freaking AWESOME. Nazi zombies. NAZI ZOMBIES GUYS. Devil's Rejects was also really good. I loved the whole 70s low budget look of it. A Serbian Film failed to shock me. Not sure what that says about me.

Best Saturday night ever!!!! )
Yesterday was my birthday, Friday the 13th YAY! I'm still amazed at the difference between this year and the last. I had a pretty low key birthday. It was mostly me and Joe hanging out at my house. Tamara made me a fabulous cake. I made myself a fabulous pecan pie. Duia made me fabulous tortellini. Aaron was just generally fabulous. Hehe. Anyway, I spent the day with the people I love in a house that I love.

Right now Joe's outside putting Miracle Gro on my lawn. We will have been together four months on the 17th, and sometimes it still catches me by surprise how much I love him.

I'm planning on doing some serious cleaning tomorrow so I can hopefully take some pictures to post so those of you that haven't been lucky enough to visit yet can see my house.
I've been in my new house for a week and a day now. Unpacking has begun. Bedrooms have been painted. Internet is working. In a few days I go to Maine to pick up Aaron.

I have a home.

This home.

My House

I never expected this. I can't believe that this is my life now. This beautiful house is mine. My bedroom has orange walls that Joe painted for me.

Joe is another thing that I never expected. Yesterday was our two month anniversary of the team building experience where it all started. Two weeks ago, he told me he loves me. Last week, he met my Dad and my Uncle Chris. I love him so much that it makes my head spin. When I'm with him, I feel safe and wanted and beautiful. I feel like I could spend the rest of my life with him.

When I lost my Mom, I really felt like I was never going to be happy again. Now I'm living in my dream house, surrounded by my best friends with a man who I love and who loves me back. I never thought I'd have this, but now I do. And it is amazing.



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