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I've totally been spending the past few weeks reading utterly massive amounts of Dean/Castiel fic. I forgot how much I love this ship. SO SO MUCH. I literally read strangenessandcharm's entire catalogue. Need more. I'VE MISSED YOU FANDOM.
Dear friends, if you value your privacy and are as disgusted with what the government is trying to do to take away our freedom online, please consider donating to this cause, even if it's only $5. The internet does not need to be controlled by people who don't understand it.

This man is an activist who has been working against these government sanctioned invasions of privacy for years. He needs $1 million minimum, $2 million preferably to start an ISP that can't be bought or terrorized by the governments into turning over your private information.

We're the internet. Are we going to let them take away the freedom that made the internet great? Hell no! So throw a couple bucks his way and sit back in the knowledge that you were one of the first people to know about something that might help save the internet as we know it.

The Calyx Institute
Gotta support the wonderful Lorelai!

And Barney already got voted off :-( but I LOVE this pic so much.

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So when I was driving through Sanford I noticed a few political signs reading


. . . I wonder if he'll turn into a giant snake if he wins?
WHERE HAS THIS SHOW BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?!?! Everything is so colorful and PRETTY! It's like being inside a storybook! The Pie Hole is seriously exactly my mental image of the bakery I want to eventually own.

I seriously did not need yet another show, but I was hooked within five minutes!

(Also, I just found this icon, and I think it's pretty much the greatest icon to ever exist. True facts.)
"OMG it's like the odd couple only with a greater chance of sodomy."


Seriously between this and the blooper reel, the RPS pretty much writes itself at this point.
As I'm sure all of you know, money has been insanely tight lately because I'm paying my bills, my mom's bills, and buying her medication (HOW IS $15 A PILL EVEN LEGAL?!?!?). Because [ profile] gryfindormia is awesome, she offered to help us out by starting a fundraiser. I give you


So if everyone could pimp this out everywhere that it's allowed, that would be great. I know everyone has problems, but if tons of people see this and everyone who saw this donated like two dollars, it would make a big difference for me and my Mom.

Fandom's an amazing, generous place. Thanks so much to [ profile] gryfindormia and [ profile] duia and everyone else who helped for doing this for me.
So the most HILARIOUS thing ever happened to me Friday night. It's 12:30 am. Just clocked out of work, and I'm walking to my car and I see Scott talking to the two sisters, Melissa and Erika, by their cars. I wander over and discover that they are talking about just how much ass work sucks. That is always a topic for much discussion, so I join in.

After a few minutes of general bitching, we start talking about the various methods we use to keep sane in long boring shifts. I mention reading LJ on my phone and then the sisters chime in that they read fanfic on the phones.

Cue loud, excited squealing.

I find out that they're in anime fandom. We have a hilarious few minutes explaining fandom and slash to Scott. I tell them about Supernatural and that I'm totally a slasher and that my OTP is Sam/Dean. They mention that they've dabbled in RPS, and I tell them how I'm being sucked into bandom.

Then they mention that their main ship is incest too. SERIOUSLY HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Not only do I find that I sit near two fandom people at work, but they're slashers AND they're pro-cestfic!

They write fic and do art which I am hella impressed with. I wish I could draw! I told them I do vids, and they thought that was pretty cool and wanted me to show them how.

The girls say that they thought I was in fandom because they heard me on the phone with [ profile] duia and I said "OTP" or something, so they were debating on if they should ask me if I was in fandom.

The whole time Scott is just standing there laughing and shaking his head in amusement at the three girls squealing and flailing over gay porn. And now whenever he sees any of us playing with our phones, he'll know EXACTLY what we're reading.

Oh bandom!

Jun. 14th, 2008 10:08 am
So [ profile] duia got me hooked on bandom. She is a terrible person for doing this because PETE! PATRICK! THE WAYS! How could I resist pretty, shiny boys?

So anyone have any fic and/or comm recs?
So I sent a book to this girl in England through Bookmooch. She send me an email letting me know the book arrived safely and asking me "are you the same Nastassia from ExpoTV who reviews all the BPAL imps?" Then she offered to mail me some imps that she wasn't using! So not only do I feel all famous, but I also get free perfume!

I love the internet!
So as I'm sure many of you are aware, my Mom pretty much knows everything I get up to in fandom. She watches my vids and is HIGHLY amused that her daughter's #1 hobby involves gay incest porn. I've been keeping her updated on BOLDGATE 'O7 and my rage at how LJ is stupid enough to cut their own throat by pissing off fandom.

Anyway, this morning I was working on my newest vid, a "Folsom Prison Blues" comedy vid. My Mom walks in and says, "See those LJ people are trying to take away your ability to have your gay prison vids!"

I giggle and agree that LJ is currently made of lame.

Mom then adds, "For all they know, you could be making a video about prison safety, like not tripping and falling. . ."

"Onto another guy's wang?"

"Well that is a valid concern."


This is the same woman that I made yell "BUTTSEX" into my cell phone for [ profile] duia's amusement.

Now you all know why I'm the way I am. It's hereditary!

Qucik meme

Jul. 27th, 2007 02:43 pm
Snagged from [ profile] marishna

If you are new, or, hell, if you've been around a while, would you leave me a comment telling me how you got here? A certain vid? Someone recommended me to you? Horrible oversight? You thought I was someone else? (oops!) Other? Are you stalking me? Are you outside my window right now looking at me? If you are, do you have an umbrella? Because it's raining and I don't want you to get wet.
I decided to do Sweet Charity. I'm selling off my vidding talents to the highest bidder and all the money goes to charity! If you'd like to own me for a bit, (and who wouldn't?) you can bid on me here!



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