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So every weekend I make a pie and then I bring pieces in for my favorite coworkers. I just liking making the pies, and if I ate the whole thing I'd weigh 200 pounds, so I share. Everyone loves them and for a brief moment the world is happy and filled with pie.

Yesterday, I went out into the hallway to talk to Laura on the phone. (I mean, slacking on company time is wrong! I swear!) When I get back there's this giant flowered gift bag sitting on my chair. I'm beyond shocked, and I see there's a card addressed to "The Pie Lady" from "Her Pie Pals." Scott, Janet, Melissa, Erika, Lee and Indre all chipped in to get me a gift certificate from this awesome Etsy seller, perdoozy who makes these ADORABLE retro aprons. (What I like to be cute when I bake!) I already have this one, and as soon as I got home last night I ordered this one because DUDE IT HAS LITTLE PURPLE CARS AND PINK AIRPLANES ON IT.

In conclusion, I love my friends. This was completely unexpected, especially since my birthday isn't for 12 more days and I am highly unperceptive. It was just beyond sweet, and I was totally grinning like a fool for the rest of the day. I also promised to model it for them once it arrives. There will be twirling.

By the way, this weekend's pie is pineapple coconut with Grand Marnier. Oh yes it will rule!

Tomorrow it's off to see The Dark Knight for the second time with my darling Aaron. Cannot wait!


Jun. 2nd, 2008 02:41 pm
So on Saturday I made a Strawberry Cream Pie and it is AWESOME. This is the first pie I've ever made and I'm kind of absurdly proud if it. I think I should call it Kaylee Pie.


In conclusion, I rock at pie.



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