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Forgot to post this on Halloween, but I did watch everything that has aired so far in October so it counts. I LOVE this season. Having a single storyline is such a breathe of fresh air compared to the previous seasons with a billion storylines to follow. The whole season is just barreling at a breakneck pace, and the mid-season twist was incredible.

I love this show so much. In order of favorite to least favorite -
#1 Coven
#2 Roanoke
#3 Murder House
#4 Asylum
#5 Freak Show
#6 Hotel

(Murder House and Asylum really are SO CLOSE for me. I keep flip flopping on which I like better.) I love this show and hope it gets a million seasons!

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My least favorite season so far, but even bad American Horror Story is still pretty good. The big twist was fairly lame, but I loved Liz Taylor and every single thing Lady Gaga wore, so there's that.

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Not my favorite season, but I did enjoy it. Jessica Lange, as always, is magnificent. Surprise!Neil Patrick Harris was great too. When he does creepy, he does it really well. More than anything though, this season was just sad. It was definitely a tragedy how the freaks were treated by society and what that ill-treatment drove them to do.

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Words cannot express how much I loved this season. Jessica Lange. Stephen King's muse Kathy Bates. Emma Roberts and her glorious outfits. Freaking Stevie Nicks is a witch. I LOVED IT.

I'm pretty sure no other season can live up to Coven, and now instead of just dreaming of my Hogwarts letter, I'll be waiting for my admittance to Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies.

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This season had a LOT going on. Between Satan possessed nuns (my personal favorite, I know everyone is shocked there!) to alien abductions to serial killers to murderous Santas, this season took ensemble cast to a whole new level. Zachary Quinto is, as always, brilliant, as is Jessica Lange and her epic Boston accent.

I love the little twists that happen at the end of every season, and how abruptly they seem to end. And I am SO EXCITED for Coven next!

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So it's the best month of the year again, and instead of the usual Halloween festivities I also have my WEDDING, so the logistics of planning out 31 movies I'd never seen before just wasn't going to happen this year.

BUT there was no chance that I'd break my October tradition. I'm just changing it up a bit this year and watching the entire series of American Horror Story.

Oh. Hell. Yes.


This was the only season that I've seen before, way back when it first aired, and I'd forgotten how this show just sucks you in. Jessica Lange and Zachary Qunito are both outstanding.

Anthology horror is and will always be my favorite genre, and I've loved everything Ryan Murphy has done all the way back to Nip/Tuck, so it's no surprise that I would love this show.

I'm more than a little obsessed with setting in film/TV/books and I love it when the place has enough presence to be a character. The murder house absolutely does. Love it love it love it. Can't wait to see what the other seasons bring.

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1. It Follows

A little late posting this one because of parties and costumes and such. It was a good movie and a unique plot, but I'm not quite sure I really see what all the hype was about. The pacing was a bit slow for my taste, but the acting was decent and the characters were fairly likable. The main girl was a much better person that I am though. I'd be finding some townie and passing that evil along immediately.

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2. Spring

Loved it! I really hope more movies in the same vein as Spring and Only Lovers Left Alive happen. I love how it wasn't overtly horror but the horror elements were there. Louise was fascinating and Evan was flawed and broken but sweet. Beautifully shot, very unique movie.

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4. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Loved it. I love a good horror parody, and Alan Tudyk improves every movie. A hilarious take on the whole slasher movie genre. The rednecks in the creepy cabin are the good guys, and Dale was basically the human equivalent of a labrador. Big and derpy and gets in all kinds of trouble, but you just can't get mad at him.

3. A Good Marriage

I really liked this one too. Stephen King is my homeboy, and this movie was just so pragmatic. Very Maine. It wasn't overdramatic. There wasn't a huge scene with poor Darcy being chased through the house by her murderous husband. She just did what had to be done.

But always remember folks, clear your browser history.

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6. Only Lovers Left Alive

This one was recommended by Jenny Martinez​, and I really loved it! It was lush and languid and textured. Tom Hiddleston was, as usual, glorious. Love the historical in-jokes and how both Adam and Eve seemed equal parts bored and fascinated by the world, exactly as you'd imagine a pair of ancient immortals would be.

5. Dream House

Poor damaged, crazy James Bond. Not a bad movie with a lot of good psychological twists and turns. I won't be rushing out to watch it again, but I'd give it a solid B.

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8. The Human Race

Surprisingly enjoyable movie with a sci-fi twist. Definitely low budget, but interesting concept. When it initially started, I was thinking that the movie would keep switching between the POVs of the different racers. I still think that would have been a good choice with the film, but on the whole I enjoyed it.

7. Prom Night

Very standard slasher movie, but I still liked it. Brittany Snow just cries so pretty, and sometimes a generic slasher movie is just what you're in the mood for. It's like the dollar menu of cinema.

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10. Hobo With A Shotgun

The exploration film genre at it's very best. Over the top violent and WAY over the top acting make a pretty fun way to spend an hour and a half.

9. Maggie

I really really really liked this one. Abigail Breslin has been in a ton of things that I liked and two that I LOVE (Zombieland and Scream Queens). I don't think I've ever seen a movie where the zombie virus infects people slowly. While this movie was much less violent than a lot of zombie movies, it really was more horrifying because you had to watch this girl and her family dealing with watching her slowly turn into a zombie. Really excellent movie.

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12. The Pyramid

I really wasn't expecting this one to be good, but it was actually entertaining. This one goes the way a lot of "let's go explore this scary place that we really shouldn't go in" movies go. The monster was interesting though. It kept me entertained for 90 minutes, but it definitely won't be going on any lists.

11. The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh

I liked this one. Very atmospheric and quiet, and I do love a movie with some crazy religious undertones. I feel like I'll definitely be needing to watch this one again though, just to really absorb everything.

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14. The Houses October Built

Not bad, but not amazing either. I love the idea of driving around the country going to haunted houses, and let's be real, few things on earth are as terrifying as backwoods hillbillies. It was a clever idea, but there were far too many slow scenes of everyone hanging out in the RV.

13. The Possession of Michael King

I really enjoyed this movie. The entire thing is basically an allegory for Michael dealing with the death of his wife. This is found footage done incredibly well. The acting was great, the visuals were creepy, and the ending was satisfying. This one is definitely a keeper.

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16. The Nightmare

This is actually a documentary about sleep paralysis, but I think the subject matter was creepy enough that it counts. It even threw in some jump scares when the people were talking about seeing the "shadow man." Very horrible, do not want.

15. Stage Fright

I had no idea what this movie was about before I saw it. I really expected a generic slasher movie. Instead it was a horror musical.

It was magical.

A summer camp for theater kids is terrorized by a slasher who sings angry slasher metal. Meatloaf is also one of the stars. I kind of loved it.

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17. Crimson Peak

I loved it. I loved it SO MUCH I can't even describe it.

First off, the movie was beautiful. From the costumes to the set, everything was visually stunning from the first frame to the last. Tom Hiddleston (why you gotta be so sexy Loki?) was fantastic, as was Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska.

I really love Guillermo del Toro's movies because they always seem more sad than truly scary to me. "Devil's Backbone" and especially "Pan's Labyrinth" are other favorites of mine, but I feel like this is his masterpiece.

I hyped this movie up so much in my head ever since I saw the first trailer that I was a bit worried it wouldn't live up to my expectations, but it absolutely did. Loved it loved it loved it.

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18. The Last Winter

I actually quite enjoyed this one. Strong cast with Ron Perlman and Connie Britton, and even if the CGI effects in the end were a bit student filmy, I liked it. I absolutely love natural disaster movies and haunted house movies, and this sort of combined both of them with a healthy dose of "is it a monster or are they just crazy?"

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19. The Curse of Downers Grove

Dear god, this movie sucked. So much. The narrator had a deeply irritating voice, and there was FAR too much time wasted on boring teenager angst and not nearly enough horror. Definitely the worst I've watched so far this month.

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21. White Settlers

So this movie was basically a Scottish version of "The Strangers." Decent movie all around. The views were gorgeous, and the pig masks the bad guys were wearing were suitably creepy. Very strange ending though.

20. Would You Rather?

I enjoyed this one. Twisted rich people offer a bunch of poor people shiny money to play a sick game of Russian roulette with each other, and a cameo by Penguin from "Gotham." (Can he play anyone who isn't creepy? Thinking no.) First movie this month I've had to look away for part of - I cannot handle eye stuff. I liked this one more than I expected to.

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22. Fear Clinic

Interesting visuals and good leading actor choice with Robert England, but on the whole this movie didn't impress me. I like the premise but I just couldn't get into this one.




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