Three days into 2011 and it's been good so far.

2010 was a pretty incredible year for me. At the tail end of 2009, I started working at Rainsoft and that really kicked into high gear in 2010. Rainsoft ended up not being a career for me, but I will always be so utterly grateful that I answered that ad on craigslist because Rainsoft was where I met the love of my life, Joe.

2010 was the year of firsts with Joe. He has been a huge part of what made that year so great. I went from never having been in a relationship that hit the 6 month mark, to a FUTURE. In less than two weeks, we'll be living together and the thing that continues to surprise me is how NOT nervous I am about it. I know my entries from the last 8 and a half months have been filled with this, but I still look at him and wonder how I got so lucky. 2010 was the year I let my guard down, took a chance, and met the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

2010 was the year I bought a house. We painted the walls bright colors and arranged the furniture. We cooked meals in the kitchen, decorated the Christmas tree, and laughed. We made it a home, and we loved it.

2010 was the year I started working at Apple. I have a job that has actual career potential in a fantastic company, and hopefully in the next few weeks Joe will be starting there as well.

2010 was the year I got a cat. I've never been a cat person, but Joe found our little furry ball of crazy on craigslist, and we both just adore her. She makes us laugh, and she keeps me company when I'm alone. I want to do everything I can to give her the most wonderful life possible. (Butterfup isn't working for a name though. She's waaaaaay too demanding.)

2010 was the year I built a home and a family. Here's hoping 2011 is even better.
Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas. I spent the day with Joe and his family. His whole Mom's side is up in Minnesota, but his dad's side is down in Texas. Joe's grandma is hilarious. That lady has a dirtier mind than me! There was lots of food and everyone was great.

Joe's going to be moving in with me in the middle of next month. I'm still a bit bummed out that the girls are going to be all the way in Austin and not just down the hall, but I'm also really excited about Joe moving in. This is SERIOUS. I've never been in a relationship that even came remotely close to being this serious. I never even got anywhere near discussing moving in with any other guy I've ever dated.

Joe's grandma actually asked me if this was "building towards something." I told her that I hoped so! She said she thought I was good for him, and that I fit in with the family and there were many hugs all around. (She was also very pleased when I told her that there would be no children on the horizon ever ever EVER. She told me I was a smart girl for not wanting any.)

It's just so crazy. A year ago, I was just starting at Rainsoft, just meeting Joe, living in a shithole, and very unsure of everything. A year later, I've been with Joe for over eight months, I work at Apple, I live in a beautiful house, and while I'm not 100% sure of what the future holds, I'm hopeful.

Joe's sitting next to me in my happy orange bedroom, Buttercup (who thinks her name is Kitten) is sleeping at our feet and being adorable. I have this wonderful man in my life who loves me, who I'm building a life with. We've got the house and the cat. Sometime in 2011, a puppy will be joining us. After that, who knows? He talks about plans for next Christmas, for vacations we'll take in the non-specific future, for improvements he wants to make to the house. Me, I just have a secret folder of bookmarks on my computer labeled "Someday...."

My Christmas was good, and I hope it was the first of many like it.
Yesterday was my birthday, Friday the 13th YAY! I'm still amazed at the difference between this year and the last. I had a pretty low key birthday. It was mostly me and Joe hanging out at my house. Tamara made me a fabulous cake. I made myself a fabulous pecan pie. Duia made me fabulous tortellini. Aaron was just generally fabulous. Hehe. Anyway, I spent the day with the people I love in a house that I love.

Right now Joe's outside putting Miracle Gro on my lawn. We will have been together four months on the 17th, and sometimes it still catches me by surprise how much I love him.

I'm planning on doing some serious cleaning tomorrow so I can hopefully take some pictures to post so those of you that haven't been lucky enough to visit yet can see my house.
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So life has been crazy for the past couple weeks. Totally bought a house.

The story behind this is I HATE the shithole that we're renting. Nothing works in this house, it's tiny, and I haaaaaaate it. In Kyle there's this lovely housing development that I coo over everytime I drive past it. On a complete impulse I go in and talk to a realtor. As it turns out, the houses are REALLY affordable. I called my Dad and my grandparents and asked if they thought this was doable. They said it seemed like a good idea. My wonderful Dad agreed to cosign for me, and I AM GETTING A HOUSE OMG.

The loan was officially approved last week. (BTW I found out that I have an AWESOME credit score. 757 baby!) Yesterday I finalized my choices on all the fixtures and everything, so they'll be starting on the house next week! The really cool thing about these houses are the fact that you get to pick EVERYTHING from the faucets to the floors. You know how some girls have been planning their weddings since they were five? Screw a wedding, I've been building my house since I was five.

Everything should be finished by sometime in June. I can't wait! I want to move into my pretty pretty house NOW!

Even better, Aaron is moving to Texas to live with us! (My goal is to eventually steal everyone cool out of New England and bring them down here.) I can't believe I'm going to have a HOUSE!

This is the style of the house I'll be getting, though mine will look a bit different because I'm getting a different floor plan and mine is going to be green.

HOUSE!!!! )
I've been pretty awol from internetland for the past month. I was in Maryland and Virginia visiting the family over Thanksgiving, and then on December 1, I started training for my new job. The training is two weeks of insanity involving early mornings and more memorization than is humanly possible. Also, I had the good fortune of getting a nasty sinus infection smack in the middle of it. I survived it all, passed the training and only had...two or three nervous breakdowns.

Anyway, the job is selling complete home water treatment systems. Since the water is godawful in Austin, they sell quite well, and I've already made multiple sales in the week and a half I've been working. Everyone I work with is awesome, and the job pays insanely well if you can sell. Hopefully, this will be the way I can finally pay off all my bills and get a nice house.

I spent Christmas in Houston with [ profile] duia's family. It was a blast even though I got massively sick on Christmas eve with an even worse sinus infection that I'm JUST starting to get over. Ugh. I really really hate being sick.

On the day after Christmas my dad flew in from Maryland and stayed for four days. I showed him a little bit of Austin, and he got to meet my girls so all was wonderful there. I wish he could have stayed longer.

New Year's Eve was pretty low key. The girls and I ended up heading to Logan's place and just chilling out and drinking champagne. Not a bad way to ring in 2010.

I really can't believe that it's actually 2010. A new year, a new DECADE, hopefully this one is going to be a lot better than the last few.

Happy New Year everyone!
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I've been on the east coast since Thursday. I flew out of Austin early on Thursday afternoon, had to sprint through 30 gates in the Atlanta airport to catch my connection because the FAA computer crash made my flight from Austin over an hour late but of course my flight to Baltimore was one of the 10% on flights that day that was on time. Luckily I made my flight and all was good. Flying through clouds is still really really awesome.

Spent Friday just chilling out at my dad's house. Totally dragged him to see "Zombieland" on Friday night which he loved because it's AWESOME.

He rented me a little blue Hyundai Accent so that I could drive down to Lynchburg and see my grandma. The car is really nice, but not as nice as my baby. Of course, no car is as nice as my baby.

On Saturday, I have a relaxing drive down to Lynchburg. There was seriously no traffic anywhere except for Charlottesville. Now did I mention that my grandma had NO IDEA that I was coming? I've beenkeeping this a secret for weeks. I told her I was going to spend Thanksgiving in Houston with Duia. She even called me when I was enroute and I told her that the girls and I were out to dinner at Panera. That was technically true, since I was in a Panera at the time. Of course, it was in Charlottesville, VA and not Austin!

Anyway, around 5:30 I pulled in the driveway and tiptoed to the front door. My grandfather answered the doorbell and just looked at me in shock and said "How are you here?!?!" I ran in the room and I have never seen my grandma so shocked in my life. She totally cried. I think I pulled of my surprise excellently!

We've mostly just been hanging out at the house and not doing a whole lot. Last night we watched "Inglourious Basterds" on my computer. My grandma LOVED it which makes me very proud. Today we baked a cake. Tomorrow, who knows? I'm heading back to Maryland on Wednesday, and I'll be there until I fly back to Austin on Monday.

I am the Queen of surprising people!


Sep. 21st, 2009 10:41 pm
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So today I had the first day of training for my new job. I haven't even really mentioned it to many people because my employment life has been such a shitshow lately that I didn't want to get my hopes up too much. It's selling health insurance as an independent agent. No salary, just 100% commission, but all the people we sell to are people who have called the company requesting an agent contact them so there's none of that cold calling bullshit.

Writing out the policies doesn't seem too hard to me. Within 90 days I have to take the state licensing exam which hopefully won't be too awful. According to the super nice boss lady, the average commission is between $1000 and $2000 A WEEK. If I can succeed at this I can pay off my credit card debt, my car, and my student loans and eventually buy a house.

I reread the letter my Mom wrote me before she died last night for the first time in quite awhile. She told me to never ever give up. Not giving up has been really really hard these last few months. I've been thrust into this completely unfamiliar world where I don't know what to do or how to do it. I still feel that way most of the time. I feel like I'm doing the whole "striking out on your own into the world at 18" nine years late. And sometimes I feel almost happy, but mostly it's just hollow because I am so incredibly lonely most of the time. My friends all have their own lives and families. I talk to my grandma every day, but it's not the same. I can't talk to her when I'm upset or about my Mom because all it does is upset her, and that doesn't exactly make me feel better. I wish that I had someone I could talk to about her, but I don't. Instead I go to Target and look at Halloween decorations and remember decorating our house and watching scary movies together and I ACHE for those days when I knew my place in the world and I was happy with it.

I'm a person who likes to have a plan and a schedule to my life, and that has been totally derailed. I still have no idea what I'm going to be doing or where I'm going to be living in two three four years. Being back in Boston for that week made me miss that place so much. The difference between Texas and Massachusetts is like night and day. It's late September and I want fireplaces and leaves crunching underfoot and a cold bite in the air. I just don't know. I feel anchorless.

This entry turned out a lot more emo than I intended when I started it. I am happy about this new job and the potential it has for making my life better financially. It's just all a bit bittersweet.



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