So I've been in Austin a couple of days, am about halfway unpacked, and I am loving this place. Seriously. Everything about Austin is fucking amazing. The weather is GLORIOUS. Everyone in nice. People are better drivers here. Everything is just so mellow here.

The trip was long but everything went quite well. We blazed through VA, NC, SC, GA, and AL in one freaking day. Alabama was lovely. Birmingham is such a pretty city. I got a chance to show Duia my beloved Charlotte, NC. New Orleans was AWESOME, and I can't wait to go back there again many many many times (and also to drink many many many cups of Cafe du Monde coffee!) Houston was pretty rad, and Duia's family was just lovely. I still cannot believe that we actually made that insane trip.

We rolled in on the 10th and pretty much went straight to the Bonnie Raitt concert. Bonnie was incredible, and the guy who opened for her, Paul Thorn, was an amazingly amazing singer. I actually bought both of his CDs and I do NOT pay for music. Ever. It was just a fabulous show all around. Bonnie played pretty much all of my favorite songs. She sang this beautiful version of "Angel of Montgomery" that she dedicated to Mother's Day. That was always one of my favorite songs by her, so it totally made me cry. Love you forever Bonnie.

Met Jenny who is ADORABLE AND WONDERFUL AND FABULOUS. She pretty much lives with us, and that's totally okay because she rules at life.

The house is tiny and old, but I'm growing quite fond of it. The only thing I don't like about the house is the MASSIVE lack of kitchen cabinets. I cannot wait until everything is unpacked, and I have a job because once I'm employed IT'S PUPPY TIME.

Lovely internet people will be showing up with regularity and not wanting to leave because we are pretty awesome. Dave, Woody, Aaron, and Dee - your asses are going to be down here to hang out before 2010. And when you get here things will be LEGENDARY.

So I'm loving Texas so far. I have a house. I have amazing friends. Life is looking up!

PS - My fishy Austin survived the trip! He rode 1800 miles in a tupperware container in the backseat and he is still alive and swimming happily around in his bowl being adorable. My fish is a badass!

So for the past month [ profile] duia and I have been trying to rent this house. The lady who owns it is supernice, but the realtors who were handling it were giant douchenozzles. They actually forced us to pay six months worth of rent upfront which is complete bullshit, but we did it. And now we have a house!

It's tiny and is seriously lacking in closet space so my immense organizational skills will be put to work, but it has hardwood floors and one of those awesome clawfoot bathtubs. Also, we will be living one how down from the sheriff so no worries about getting robbed. The size isn't ideal, but Duia said it felt welcoming and her word is enough for me.

Duia has the keys and will probably be moving her stuff in over the next few days. I'm renting one of those PODS things to move my stuff down to Texas. I'm packing that on the 29th, and it'll be in Austin on the 11th. Because she is the greatest human ever, Duia is flying up here, and on the 6th of May we're going to be driving back to Austin together! So much yay!

I've pretty much mapped out the route we're going to take. Googlemaps wanted to take us through Tennessee and Arkansas, two states I have very little desire to visit, so I messed with the route and we've be going from Richmond, VA --> Charlotte, NC --> Atlanta, GA --> Birmingham, AL --> Hattiesburg, MS --> New Orleans, LA --> Beaumont, TX --> Houston, TX --> AUSTIN. MUCH more interesting route! Now we're pretty much just planning brief stops in all these cities (well maybe a bit longer in New Orleans) but even stopping for just an hour or so will break up the trip. Expect THOUSANDS of pictures, twitters, and voiceposts.

We'll probably get to Austin on the 9th. On the 10th, Duia and I have tickets to see Bonnie Raitt. Bonnie Raitt was one of my Mom's very favorite singers, and the fact that she's playing in Austin on Mother's Day just felt like a sign that I should go.

I'm nervous, excited, and AMAZED that this is finally happening. I'm really moving to Texas guys. A year ago, I never would have thought this would be my life. I'm not going to lie and say that everything is okay now, but my Mom loved me more than anything else in the world, and I know she wants me to try to be happy. And I'm trying. I'm going to plant flowers in our front yard. I'm not going to waste time on things and people that are not worth my time because life is too short. I'm going to have crazy adventures with my best friend. I'm going to live enough for both of us because that's what she'd want me to do.
[ profile] duia spending quality time with the internet from my bed.


Rewatching this season's Supernatural eps = a HUGELY necessary break from life



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